Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rosey Little Things

 Hello my friends things have been a little crazy around Hovis Lane lately and I have just not been able to find time for everything...hopefully that is about to change. I have several projects on the horizon that I hope to be able to share very soon. In the mean time I just wanted to share this awesome gift I recieved from ( roll please... 
 A half pound vintage sheet scrap pack...Darling Daisey Earrings and Pretty Peony Ring-Robins Egg Blue that is simply gorgeous!!! I love it all now I need suggestions on what to make with the sheet scrap pack there are several good size pieces of vintage sheet in the pack...I would welcome any suggestions:)


Cyndi said...

Hi Diane! Oh, lucky you....vintage sheet scraps are fun! I think it would be really cute if you make up some little zipper pouches with your scraps...make them "scrappy"! Or sew some together and make a patchwork bag..that would be super cute! Or use some to embellish some tea towels...there's really no end to what you could do with those lovely scraps! Whatever you do, have fun!



Diane said...

Those are great ideas! thanks:)